Ogygia, or a Chronological account of Irish Events (collected from Very Ancient Documents faithfully compared with each other & supported by the Genealogical & Chronological Aid of the Sacred and Profane Writings of the Globe

Ogygia is the island of Calypso, from Homer’s Odyssey, used by O’Flaherty as an allegory for Ireland. Ogygia traces Irish history back to the ages of mythology and legend, before the time of Christ. Included is O’Flaherty’s claim that the ancient Irish Ogham alphabet was a tree alphabet, a view that had a great influence on Robert Graves’ The White Goddess.

This Bardic Press Celtic Classic Edition contains a complete, facsimile of volumes one and two of Ogygia, together, first published in Irish in 1685 and translated in 1793.

  • Published July 5 2012 by Bardic Press, 812 pages softcover. ISBN 978-1906834258
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