Songs of Sorrow & Joy by Ashford


And through the days,
the night’s storm still within me,
whipping up the flames of the passions which will not cease licking me,
the surge of my blood aflood in my veins and my instincts at large without any reins,
I am as a bull that blinded with bleeding hurls its confusion, its darkness, its murder at the enclosure.

Whilst in a sea unseen the nets of angels flung like golden flags of sunlight waver in the wind and dredge the night from my soul.

from the moon from her mouth the night from my soul

A.M. Ashford Brown was born in Wiltshire in 1953 and attended Marlborough College. He has won poetry competitions in England, has appeared on national and regional BBC radio and has recorded audiobooks. He has also written an autobiographical novel, Hedges, Ditches and Dreams. Cover painting by Tatyana Holodnova.